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2015 - SDFS

The 2015 Competition will run during British Summer Time, namely from Sunday 29th March to Saturday 24th October inclusive. The band with the most points as at Sunday 25th October wins the competition and will receive the Richard Wallis Trophy (currently in the possession of Coulsdon). The award will be made at the Autumn Business Meeting on Saturday 28th November.

It is up to individual towers to organise their matches.

The scoring system is designed to encourage towers to arrange as many matches as possible. The winning band gets 3 points, the visiting band gets 2 points, and the home band gets 1 point. Kate Desbottes will keep a tally of points for each tower and update this page to show the league table. Please ensure you email her with your match results as soon as possible.

Please see the below notes before deciding whether to participate. Any queries should be addressed toAnthony Vere-Hodge of Leigh.

The towers that wish to participate in the Competition are as follows:-

Betchworth (Tuesday) - 6 points

Bletchingley (Wednesday) - 10 points RUNNER UP

Capel (Wednesday) - 3 points (withdrew from the Competition on 27th September 2015)

Caterham St John (Monday) - 9 points

Coulsdon (Tuesday) - 6 points

Limpsfield (Tuesday)

Merstham (Wednesday) - 32 points LEADER

Newdigate (Tuesday) - 6 points


Southern District Friendly Striking Competition (FSC) – an introduction for 2015

Historically, the striking competition has had two main aims, to improve the standard of striking and to encourage ringing bands to visit other towers. Unfortunately, the knockout competition means that half the teams are eliminated at the first round. This can be very disheartening for the eliminated bands, especially for new entrants to the competition.

In November 2013, Leigh suggested changing the format of the competition to a league system. In the past, this option has been rejected because it is difficult to organise all the teams to fulfil their matches within a time frame. It was agreed that the FSC be run within a fixed time period which will be British Summer Time (in 2015, from 2 am on Sunday 29th March to 2 am on Sunday 25th October). It is up to the individual towers to organise their matches. The scoring system is designed to encourage towers to arrange as many matches as possible: winning team gets 3 points, visiting team gets 2 points and the home team gets 1 point. So a visiting, winning team would get a total of 5 points. Kate Desbottes has kindly agreed to keep a tally of the points for each tower and update the results on the Surrey Association web site. At the end of British Summer Time, the team with most points wins the competition, irrespective of the number of matches completed. In the event of a tie, there would be a play-off.

As this competition is intended to be a sociable time, the guidance notes and rules (see below) have been kept simple. We ask all towers to keep to the spirit of the competition – it would be good if the host tower can arrange tea/coffee so that the two bands can get to know each other socially. As yet, this competition does not award points for the quality of biscuits provided – but who knows the future!! Because Leigh has been asked to resolve any issues that may arise, we shall avoid any conflict of interest by not joining the competition in this first year.

Please make this a fun event – preferably before the 29th March, contact Kate who will add your tower to the list on the website.rs on the list.

Anthony Vere Hodge (for the Leigh bell ringers)