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Numbers Club

The Belfry Repair Fund are running a "Numbers Club", which is basically a monthly draw for money prizes.

To be a member of the Numbers Club you must be 18 or over and be a member of the Surrey Association. Members pays in £1 a month by way of an annual payment of £12 in advance. They are then allocated a number from those available.

Each month one number is drawn for a prize of £25. The draw will always be made in public, at an Association or District meeting. Of the money left over in the prize fund each month, half goes towards a bigger (i.e. £25 plus) monthly prize every three months, and half goes towards an annual additional mega-prize to be drawn for at the Association AGM in May. In total, 55% is paid out in prizes and 45% goes to the BRF.

So far we have over 160 members in the prize draw and there's room for lots more! So why not have a go and help to support the BRF. Download an application form.