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10 Online projects we could do….

posted 11 Mar 2017, 10:57 by Surrey Bellringers

1.     Build an online book and/or clothing store.

2.     Support online donations to belfry repair fund

3.     Provide online membership and subscription management

4.     Create a digital archive (scan some of the best items in our archive and library)

5.     Create a sound and/or video archive of Surrey bells being rung

6.     Webcast a practice or training session live.

7.     Build an online training resource and/ or provide a curated source of online learning materials available on the internet

8.     Enable online booking for training courses

9.     Provide and online group to bring together isolated learners so that they can share experiences and remain engaged

10.  Live stream training courses, meetings and other events to reach people who don’t normally attend these events