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Google forms and privacy

posted 2 Jan 2017, 15:45 by Surrey Bellringers
We use google forms to collect information from members on our website.  This has raised some questions about how careful we are with privacy of members information. 

In fact using Google forms, which transmits and stores information securely, provides a significant improvement in privacy over the alternatives of email or paper forms both of which are inherently insecure and vulnerable to interception and abuse.

Googles terms of service and privacy policy are publicly available to read online: These very clearly define what Google can do with our data, they are worth reading.

When you enter information into Google forms it is stored in a Google Drive account. In order for Google to provide this service they are granted a limited licence to use the data but this is done on very strict terms which are consistent with the best standards in the industry. The following link clarifies how the standard terms apply to Google Drive in which they specifically state that "We will not use a private document for marketing or promotional purposes." :

Hopefully that puts some minds at rest.  We take privacy very seriously.